Monday, December 13, 2010

Cazzati’s Ciaconna

The examples I am posting are two of my favourite performances ever. It just so happens they are of the same piece – I don’t think it is my favourite piece of music ever, but it is very pleasant to listen to.
The first example is of a live performance taped for a video by L’arpeggiata, lead by Christina Pluhar.
Maurizio Cazzati’s Ciaconna by L’arpeggiata
The second example is a live performance by Ensemble L’aura Soave.
Maurizio Cazzati’s Ciaconna by Ensemble L’aura Soave
It’s funny, even though the instrumentation and their artistic liberties are different, I don’t think one performance is more ‘correct’. They are both top quality performances, even better that they were performed live and they are both refreshingly different.
L’arpeggiata’s use of the cornetto is a nice contrast to the violin, and Doron David Sherwin’s playing is really incredible. Well, everyone’s playing is incredible – in both videos! The psaltery is a cool addition as well.
Having said that, it also nice to hear two violins on top. A more homogenous sound is great, and the instrumentation in L’aura Soave’s performance is more of what North American audiences expect of a baroque ensemble.
You can find the links to both of these ensembles’ websites below.

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