Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Cottet/Bizey, first half of 18th C.

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Cottet/Bizey a415
Photo courtesy of
Karim Nasr
Also originating in Paris, Charles Bizey was the master to Prudent, who eventually took over the shop at the rue Daulphine. Both master and apprentice used the fleur-de-lis to stamp their instruments. Some two hundred and fifty years later, the workshop of Olivier Cottet continues the Parisian instrument-making tradition.

A popular instrument in France today, the Bizey instrument seems to be more or less confined there. However, two instruments have crossed the pond and have settled in the Montreal area. These instruments, owned by Karim Nasr and Mathieu Lussier, haven't yet been in heavy use, though they are making their way onto the scene. I will be playing Mathieu's instrument at the Festival International de Musique Baroque de Lamèque this summer.

The video below features Laurent Le Chenadec on the Cottet/Bizey

Cottet/Bizey a392

Stay tuned for the next instrument, a copy by Pau Orriols of an instrument by Wietfeld.

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