Thursday, April 19, 2012

The PdK/Prudent Thierrot, c.1770

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PdK/Prudent a415
Photo courtesy of
 Mathieu Lussier
One of the most popular instruments of the early music revival, the Peter de Koningh/Prudent instrument has been featured on countless recordings and was the instrument of choice during the '80s and '90s. The original hailing from 1760s/70s Paris, more and more bassoonists are switching off the instrument in favour of other, more 'authentic' (their words, not mine!), instruments. Despite this, the instrument is still a hot commodity.

Though it hasn't much of a foothold in North America, there are still a few scattered across the continent. Lucky for me, my teacher Mathieu owns one and was able to easily provide me with a picture.

Though the clip I am linking to doesn't really feature the instrument, it has such an all-star cast that I couldn't pass it up.

Stay tuned for the next instrument, a copy by Olivier Cottet of an instrument by Bizey.

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