Sunday, December 30, 2012

Setting the Right Goal

One of the many life-altering habits that began two years ago was setting goals for myself, both long and short-term. Since I began setting them, I've managed to cross many of my original ones off, though new ones are added in time to replace the old.

The most important goal I've accomplished was that of being accepted at the Schola; I can't tell you how good it felt to cross it off my list. Since then, however, I haven't found a new goal to replace it. A realistic one, though challenging, encompassing many minor tasks within it.

Since arriving here I've set out to do a number of things which I knew wouldn't have any tangible results: 'get adjusted to Basel', 'learn your new bassoon', 'work on German'. Yes I've set a direction, but not how far I should be travelling. Replacing distance with pace has also proven useless to me in this search. I can tell myself I will strive to practice 3-4 hours in a day, but since I have no performances scheduled - that's right, none - I've found it hard to practice anything at all recently. Ok, it's holiday week, but I should've been thinking of my bassoon while going for thirds on Christmas dinner, right?

Maybe my productivity is directly tied into the solar cycle? Who knows. But until I get my mojo back, I need a goal which achieves some sort of result for me as well as set my pace. Any ideas?

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