Friday, August 23, 2013

Absolutely Ridiculous Approach by Management

The article quoted below, which I highly recommend you read, has to do with the continuing dispute following a lockout of the musicians at the Minnesota Orchestra. Though I've never seen this before in Arts-related disputes, I do remember seeing this technique used when Vancouver was bidding for the 2010 Olympic games. At that time, the city purchased hundreds of domain names which might otherwise be used for those protesting the bid. I can't seem to find an article online about it, but while I look for it take a look at Emily Hogstad's post.
"So. While you were attending the last show in the old Orchestra Hall – earnestly cutting checks for the Building for the Future campaign – flipping through your shiny brochures for the 2012-13 season – the Minnesota Orchestra was spending money (presumably, your money) in a concerted attempt to buy a domain name relating to “saving the orchestra.” (Implication: they knew a big persuasive chunk of people in the future would view their actions as destructive, and they knew they had to guard against those people.)
Oh, but wait, you say. Yes, this sounds awful, initially, but maybe the MOA wanted to keep the name on hand for a fundraising effort!
Nope. Wasn’t done for a fundraising effort. Want to know why I know?" Read More
Emily's most important accusation, in my mind, is that the management's move to purchase possible pro-labour web domains might have come from discussions with the Detroit Symphony management in the spring of 2012. Although impossible to prove, even the possibility of a cabal of executives within arts organizations willing to conspire to get the upper hand in labour disputes is shocking to me.

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