Saturday, August 10, 2013


Following our concert last Saturday in Brugge, Eubo dispersed. After 21 days in tour the group was in desperate need of a rest as well as a fresh change of clothes. Fortunately, this tour was our longest one and, since we all managed to make it through, the following ones will be a piece of cake. Or so I am told.

Catching up on some much-needed rest in Zadar.
Photo courtesy of Guillermo Turina
On our final trip by air, from Zadar to Köln, I managed to catch an eyelid infection which I only just have shaken off today. Luckily, I had medicine with me for that exact problem, so things could have been a lot worse. An annoyance at most, the affliction allowed some entertainment after I would treat it with eye drops (as there was always a bit of excess water running down my cheeks, I managed to convince a few of our more gullible musicians that I was having a hard time in rehearsal).

Until we assemble again for our Utrecht program later this month, Eubo members' activities will be quite varied. To give you an idea: Guillermo will be off with Academia de las luces, a brand new and very exciting period classical music ensemble in Spain; Antonio will be preparing for, and later performing in, a chamber music competition in Germany; Daphne will be playing in Brazil; Sarina will be teaching privately full-time in Luzerne; and I will be on holiday. Well, okay not so varied. A ton of different musical activities and then me. And even I will spend most of my afternoons practicing. You can, at least, have peace of mind that we aren't all just slacking off.

There are still a few hours left to contribute to EUBO's Kickstarter campaign. Please think about it, if you haven't already, the full cost of the project is actually 4000 pounds. You can check out the progress over there ---------->

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