Monday, August 12, 2013

The Eubo Playlist

Our first tour has involved quite a bit of time on the road. Over the course of the past week we have travelled to various places in Catalonia, Andorra, and Croatia and we are now on the highway to Bruges from Köln airport. Naturally, one has to find some distraction to pass the time and therefore I have compiled a playlist of Eubo's music picks for July/August 2013. Unfortunately, I couldn't find everything on YouTube, but you can see the full list below. Take a look.

Andrew: Christophe Rousset plays Louis Couperin
Roldán: Ella Fitzgerald
Hilla: Comedian Harmonists' Schöne Lisa
Yotam: Groundation
Guillermo: El partido de las 12 (sports podcast)
Nicola: Per quail he Dollarp In Più (film)
Lars Ulrik: Keith Jarrett
Ala, Clara, and Jamiang prefer silence
Daphne: Joao Gilberto (eu vim da Bahia)
Rafael: Soundtrack of "The Boat That Rocked", some of you may know the film as "Pirate Radio"
Antonio: Sigur Rós, Takk (Saeglopur)
Sarina: Rachel Podger plays Vivaldi Opus 4
Saron: She forgot her Music
Andrea: Swedish radio programs including "The High Price of Cheap Clothes".
Paul: "The joyful chatter of Young Musicians"
Emma: "Just enjoying the music that Eubo makes!" 
Johannes: J.S Bach Bwv 10 no. 6. "It's a beautiful tenor recitativo."
Lisa: "World music, African music, something other than Baroque music."
Marianna: Melody Gardot

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