Wednesday, September 18, 2013

And so it begins, again.

By now, school has begun again for most. In Basel, the Musik-Akademie is buzzing with new and returning students trying to get their timetables sorted out.

For me things seem to look much brighter than they did 12 months ago. There's a certain comfort level which wasn't present when I had just moved to the city and only knew a few people. A year later I can't seem to walk ten paces without running into a familiar face on campus, something I wasn't expecting even now.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Utrecht Concert Online

Eubo's concert with the choir of Clare College, Cambridge, in Utrecht was broadcast live on Dutch radio and it turns out they made a proper video recording of the concert as well. You can watch the whole spectacle below.

Friday, September 6, 2013

We Had a Golden Moment Last Night

Following our live recording of the Coronation Anthems program on tuesday night, the orchestra wasted no time in turning to the stage to do some small patching in three bars of the birthday ode for Queen Anne, as well as the first movement of the concert grosso, op. 3/no.2.

In the final bars of the trumpet/alto duet which opens the ode, the trumpet climbs to a stratospheric high d before the final cadence. Not an easy task for someone who hasn't had much sleep, spent the entire morning traveling and afternoon rehearsing. Naturally Lars wanted to get another take of this spot.

Once the hall was emptied the orchestra began. Three times we played the final few bars, but Seb couldn't get it the way he wanted it. Lars suggested we do something else for a second to give Seb a break. Upon returning to Seb's bit he still had trouble and there was a moment where we didn't know what to do. "Let's play the first movement of the concerto grosso once more and then we'll have one more go at it after," said Lars. We played the concerto. Turning around to Seb, we asked if he was ready for one more go. "I'm ready," he said.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Jubilating in Utrecht

On Saturday Eubo performed the Peace of Utrecht program in the very city which the peace was agreed upon in 1713. Live to broadcast, the orchestra and choir had what we agreed to be our first real go at the program. Though we had performed it in Milan on Thursday we had had so little time to get everything prepared that the concert, which was jam packed by the way, ended up as more of a serious general rehearsal.
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